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1997 the Petitioner was attached with the Unit for disciplinary purposes, to remain attached till finalisation of the investigation against him. At the outset, it is necessary to mention that in England certiorari is issued not only for quashing decisions but also for various other purposes. 17 of Act XLIX of 1951. The question thus raised is of considerable importance, on which there is little by way of direct authority; and it has to be answered primarily on a consideration of the nature of a writ of certiorari to quash.

7 of Act XLIII of 1951 to elections hold under the Act because in view of the general scheme underlying Act XLIX of 1961 envisaged by ss. Power to convene a district court- martial. The CO, 194 Field Regiment, convened the SCM which concluded on 21. It has further been pleaded that by letter dated 24. On the 16th December, 1953, the Inspector of Anglo-Indian Schools, Bombay State, and Educational Inspector, Greater Bombay, sent a circular letter to the Headmaster of Barnes High School intimating that the Government had under consideration the issue of orders regulating admissions to Schools in which the medium of instruction was English.

The Respondents have pleaded that the Petitioner was attached for disciplinary purposes with 194 Field Regiment vide letter dated 21. 69/5C2 which was opposed by the respondents. XLIII of 1951, the Tribunal is an ad hoc body set up for determination of a particular election petition, that it becomes functus officio when it pronounces its decision, and that thereafter there is no authority Advocate in Chandigarh existence to which the writ could be issued. 7 of Act Advocates in Chandigarh XLIII of 1951 should not apply to elections held under the Act and therefore the disqualifications laid down in s.

8 of Act XLIX of 1951 an intention that the disqualifications mentioned in s. 64 498 Reading "standards of professional conduct" for the word "honesty", the quotation is apt here. -A district court- martial may be convened by an officer having power to convene a general court- martial or by any officer empowered in this behalf by warrant of any such officer. 7 of Act XLIII of 1951 must be held to be comprised within s. In other words, six months had elapsed between the incident which is the subject matter of the SCM and the holding of the SCM.

Section 17 of Act XLIX of 1951 read in conjunction with s. 6, 7, 8, 17 thereof it is not possible to read into the omission of Part II of Act XLIII of 1951 under s. To do so would be to change the policy of the Simranjeet Law Associates Lawyers Chandigarh and that, the majority Advocate in Chandigarh the Delhi Laws Act case(1) say, cannot be done by a delegated authority nWe are not able to brush this asideas negligible and it cannot, in our opinion, be left to an executive authority to tear up this guarantee in disregard of the Legislature's solemnly expressed mandate.

8 of the same Act cannot be construed as excluding the appli- cation of s. The orders under consideration were stated to be on the following lines, namely, (1) that from the next School year admissions to English medium School should only be confined to children belonging to the Anglo-Indian and European Communities, and (2) that those pupils who, 'prior to the issue of the orders, were studying in recognized Primary or Secondary English medium Schools, could continue to do so. 121, 705 fled it is of no importance on the question of validity that the liability imposed is, or may be, Simranjeet Law Associates Lawyers Chandigarh disproportionate to the territorial connection.

In any case, the decisions to which we shall refer deal with "Advocates" and even where these "Advocates" were Barristers the matter touched them as "Advocates" of an Indian High Court and not because of their special status as Barristers. "6(1)-The Commission shall have power to require, any person or banking or other company to prepare and furnish on or before a specified date written statements of accounts and affairs verified in such manner as may be prescribed by the Commission and, if so required by the Commission, also duly verified by a qualified auditor, giving information on such points or matters as in the opinion of the Commission may, directly or indirectly, be useful for, or relevant to, any case referred to it, and any person or banking or other company so required shall be bound, notwithstanding any law to the contrary, to comply with such requirement.

It is issued to remove actions and indictment pending in an inferior court for trial to the High Court; to transfer orders of civil courts and sentences of criminal courts for execution to the superior court; to bring up depositions on an application for bail when the prisoner has been committed to the High Court for trial; and to remove the record of an inferior court when it is required for evidence in the High Court.

In paragraph 3 of the Counter Affidavit it has been asseverated that the 'occurrence for which the petitioner was taken into custody took place on the evening of 20. He was taken into custody by the CO of his Unit and since his Unit had no quarter guard, the petitioner was shifted to the quarter guard towards of 194 Field Regiment for safe custody'. Respondents-plaintiffs averred that taking advantage of absence of the plaintiffs, appellant filed an application to the Tehsildar for grant of patta for item No.

It is true that at one time Advocates were mainly Barristers, but that was not always the case and the rule laid down in these decisions governed all "Advocates," whether Barristers or otherwise.

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